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A Hassle-free and 100% Cloud-Based Education Management Software

Star Education Management Software
Star Education Management Software

The success of educational institutions largely depends on how they manage relationships and communicate with key groups including students, parents, alumni, teachers, and other staff. Managing educational organizations is a job marred with complexities. Our Star Education Management System is the Best School Management System in Bangladesh. It takes robust data management capabilities to organize information and make it easily accessible. On the other hand, it also requires continuous and non-stop running of operations in an optimized and smooth way.
Our world-class School Management Software titled “Star EMIS” (Education Management and Information System) is currently being used by more than 40 schools and colleges within Bangladesh, and the number is growing fast. We are planning to spread this Education ERP to the Global arena soon. Our Mobile App Star Pathshala has set a new dimension in the field of academic education management which already counts more than 10K users. Apart from Academic Software, we also provide Accounts, Inventory, HR, Pay Roll, Website Development, and online Currier Software ‘e-Courier’ with Mobile App. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Star Education Management System

A Student Management System is also known as a Student Information System (SIS). These systems work to coordinate scheduling and communications between faculty regarding students. This system exists to simplify information tracking for both parents and administrative staff. In this module Star education management software includes Students’ Admission & Profile Management, Student Search engine, Students’ TC, Students’ Leave, Student Admit Card, and so on.

Student Account System

You can collect all kinds of student fees in this module. You can set students who are under full free or half free or even installment/fine. This module also provides various useful reports including Daily Collection Report, Audit Report, Student Wise Collection Report, and many more.

Students Attendance Management

Students Attendance Management System
Students Attendance Management System

Maintaining students’ attendance and keeping their records has always been a painstaking task. In addition to our RFID attendance system, we have also introduced a smart attendance monitoring system integrated with our Mobile App “Star Pathshala”. Having our Star Academic System introduced, the most difficult task is now made EASY and convenient in attendance management.

Staff Attendance

The staff attendance module also helps in marking the attendance of teachers and staff members with full automation. This module is integrated with the payroll system so that necessary modifications or deductions can be carried out in the staff salary.

Routine Management & Stop Gap System

Routine Management & Stop Gap System
Routine Management & Stop Gap System

Create and manage a timetable for all the teachers and students for different days and periods with holiday integration. Create regular and substitution time-table for all the days of the week and substitution time-table. For a specific week. Make a schedule of school staff according to subjects and periods. Make the stressful task of preparing a timetable a lot easy, subject-wise, teacher-wise, Date wise, and Couse wise time table preparation and Editing. Intelligent System that will assist you in the creation of a timetable.

Exam Scheduling & Result Management

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Exam scheduling & Result Management allows you to schedule exams for students of all standards and streams. It gives you the facility of defining various types of exams like first terms, second terms, tutorials/internals, annual, etc. for different students, streams, and mediums, Grade patterns as per standards-school/college needs can be defined and maximum-minimum marks can also be defied. You can manage the results of the students throughout the year and keep a track record of the student results.

You can manually enter the marks of the exams as per the exam marks and carry out automate report cards and can send the same through email. Thus, it provides great relief from the tasks of scheduling exams and maintaining huge results information so easily and competently.

SMS & Mass Mailing

SMS Star Education Management Software

With this SMS module, you can send SMS to parents regarding exam results, lack of attendance, holidays, greetings, misbehavior, or misconduct instantly. The mass mailing module allows you to send a lot of emails with just one click to students of a particular group, standard, stream, or to all as per your wish. Students and parents can be sent emails about various upcoming activities and events. Details

Financial Account System

This System includes a core accounting system, This Accounts Management section provides you the facility to wrap up the full accounts of the school under one module. You can manage the whole accounts of the school through this module and keep a record of the school’s funds. It has various vouchers like payment vouchers, Receive Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, Contra Vouchers, and so on. This system provides you with various accounts report both in British and American format like Voucher report, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, income statement, cash Book, and Bank book. Your institution won’t need accounting software after this module is integrated into your system.

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) System

Optical Marks Reader

Optical mark recognition is the process of reading information that students mark on OMR Sheets in exams, tests, and other paper documents. OMR is used to read questionnaires and multiple-choice examination papers in the form of shaded areas. This system will eliminate the hassle of manual entries for objective question marks, thus allowing the automatic marketing of 50 objective marks entry per second.

Automatic Tuition Fee Entry through Bar Code System

Staff Payroll Management allows you to define various types of salary structures for staff members with salary waivers and deductions. Generate monthly pay slips for teachers and other staff members. Integrated with the attendance management module it allows to carry out of necessary deductions and waivers. It allows calculations for PFs, allowances, and deductions as per your need without any error.

Content Management System (CMS/Website)

Academic Management System comes with a 100% customizable Content Management System which allows you to manage your institution’s website and make a completely dynamic website. You can integrate modules like a notice board, events calendar, etc. with the site to make it more functional. You can change menus, articles, and image banners as per your institution’s needs. It manages all your articles and images and allows you to set them on your website as per your need and wish. Through the CMS module, you can beautify and manage the look and display of your website as per your wish. It allows you to create and manage all the pages of the institution.

ID Card Generation

Student ID Card: This Solution provides you with a wonderful facility for carrying out an automatic generation of ID Cards with a single click. You can generate the ID card of the students with their parent’s photographs. We can customize the overall design and layout of the ID card as per your need

Certificate Generation

The module allows you to automate the generation of all kinds of certificates need by the institution. You can generate all kinds of institution certificates which are 100% customizable for students saving a lot of time and money but also automating a tough and lengthy process.

Notice Management

Notice Management allows you to publish important news and notices on the online notice board. Students, parents, and teachers can access the notice board and can see important academic news and articles related to school/college activities. Holiday etc. The institution can bring to notice some important details like fees payment dates etc. on the notice board.

Student TOT List for Education Board

You can create TOT List automatically in this software according to the education board including the class Eight TOT List, Class Ten TOT List, and Class Twelve TOT List. This can save a lot of your time.

How Did the Star Academic System Become the Best School Management System in Bangladesh?


During the Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, Star Academic System has immensely contributed to the national education system. Schools have conducted 30 thousand classes of 10 thousand students with over 60% attendance. Star Academic System also used webinars, parent meetings, and 3 major events. Co-workers have been managed with our school management software. The Star Academic System offers a more convenient and effective setup of teaching methods. This means the schools are now creating a hybrid-learning environment for students to make sessions more engaging and interactive.

Schools and colleges of the 21st century rely on powerful education management software that is specifically designed to help them manage processes, administrative operations and data. Such single-window software and cloud-based solutions are essential for the management to take timely and data-based decisions, reduce costs and improve the organization’s overall performance.

Star Academic System, a cloud-based, multi-capability education management software is primarily developed for schools, colleges and universities. It helps users in managing all aspects of their organization from admission and fee payment to the scheduling of courses, management of students credit points and curriculum. Star Academic System is also equipped with a Portal for students as well as for teachers. Loaded with multiple features, the CRM software helps educational establishments simplify their administrative bottlenecks.

Benefits of Star Academic System

next-generation academic management system

Star Academic System is one of the Best School Management Software in Bangladesh. Among the benefits of using the next-generation academic management system, some core benefits are listed below:

Result Processing Simplified

Having integrated with the powerful teaching and evaluation modules, calculating grades is no longer a time-wasting process. Generating exams results and storing them by Sections and Groups have been maintained in an organized manner without any type of human error. Also, the pass Marks and Grade levels can be set easily.

Interactive Education

Star Academic System offers an interactive interface where the students will be able to access e-textbooks, and multimedia content like presentations, videos, and hyperlinks. By this way, students will be able to understand a concept in a more comprehensive manner. Animated topics can make the difficult topics simple to understand.

Improved Accessibility & Cost-effective

Star Academic System enables the teachers to manage, create or maintain classes, courses, exams in a new way to help students improve interaction. An online system is integrated there so that the students can access course materials and can submit the assigned tasks online anytime, from anywhere.

Storing all the data online makes it easy to share and transport to those who need it, resulting in less expense in transport and printing cost. You know how costly it is to reach students, teachers, and parents via the traditional medium in any particular situation. So, now the decision is yours.

Data-driven Insights

Star Academic System provides data-driven insight to the administrative heads on the performance of both the academic and administrative to generate a pure report with the aimed outcomes. These data-driven insights and the next-level customization will help the admins to find the gaps, redundancies, and chances to improve the management and to effectively reach the mission and vision of the institute.

Visual Reports

Access the reports and visualize them with integrated graphs and charts. This type of automation will help the teachers to generate students reports and to share them with the guardians. Also, the parents will be able to access the real-time progress report of their kids.

Data Security

Star Academic System is connected to a secured cloud-based server. So, there are zero risks of losing any data like student information, marks, question papers, etc. A modern role-based authentication has been implemented to enhance security.

Benefits to Management Team

Having a dynamic system with a bird’s view of data and reports can give the next level of power and quickness in decision-making by the principal or management person. Star Academic System provides extraordinary Management Dashboard and data reporting functions along with a dynamic access rights mechanism which becomes a blessing for the management team.

Benefits to Teachers and Staff

Having access to the School Management System dashboard and Mobile App, multiplies the productivity of academic and non-academic staff. Having the power to report important activities on the system reduces the burden and improves the speed of communication. Keeping data records and access to data when required makes their life super easy

Benefits to Students and Parents

Mobile App and web access of the Academic Software System make the life of students and parents super easy. Accessing the important information through our Mobile App “Star Pathshala” would empower in making right decisions by all the stakeholders including the guardians, teachers or the management team. It brings better learning outcomes for students. Having learning resources accessible through the Mobile App, it gives freedom for the student to learn anytime, anywhere at his/her own pace.

Advantages of Star Academic System & Modules:

Application Management

Includes criteria-based applicant ranking, generation of student ID after fee payment, and the ability to restrict applicants with outstanding fees or any other conditional requirements.

Personalized Portal For Students, Parents, and Teachers

Students, parents, and teachers of the institution are having their individual credentials to access a portal from where they could access critical information.

Students Admission

Online student admission management system is available through which you could accept applications and track their lifecycle, define multiple decision-making parameters to handle approvals and customize them to suit your requirements. Star Academic System would automatically integrate the application forms filled at your institution’s website and save them on a centralized database. The application would help you streamline students’ admission process management by automating all tasks, covering vital stages of student acquisition, namely applications, approvals, fee payments and admissions.

Fee Management

Star Academic System provides you with a complete fee management structure for automated fee invoicing based on each student’s term within the institution. Whether they are one-time payments during admission or recurring fee transactions, you could define the template and automate relevant processes. As a customizable fee management application for schools and colleges, Star Academic System would also assist you with ad-hoc invoices for specific transactions such as field trips.

You could also apply discount policies based on various parameters such as sibling discounts, scholarships, grants, discounts for staff dependents, and more. The application would automatically generate invoices and email them to students, parents, guardians, or sponsors. Fully integrated with payment gateways, it would process payments via credit card and raise receipts swiftly and securely. Sends notifications for admission fees and due dates, generation of auto-SMS/emails to eligible applicants/parents, and payment gateway integration for online payments.

Login Portal

Provide students, parents, and teachers of your institution with personalized credentials to log into a portal from where they could access critical information. Students could check their course details; parents could monitor the performance of their wards and the staff could track various administrative and non-administrative operations to ensure all deadlines and regulations are adhered to.

The custom Portal for schools and educational institutions would help in keeping all stakeholders informed about the status of courses and other activities. A centralized database ensures no data duplication, while security layers protect the easily accessible Portal from unauthorized access.

Features of Star Education Management Software

Star Academic System Top Features
  1. Admission Management
  2. Attendance Management
  3. Account Management
  4. Online Class Management
  5. Human Resource and Payroll System
  6. Profile Management
  7. Library Management
  8. Financial Accounting System
  9. Examination & Result Management
  10. Fees Management
  11. Evaluation Management
  12. School Website Development
  13. Academic Calendar & Events Scheduler
Key Features of Star Academic System for the Management Team
  1. Management Dashboard
  2. Data analysis and reports
  3. Inquiries and admission tracking
  4. Student profile tracking for parent’s meet / key inputs
  5. Class-wise performance tracking
  6. Teachers activity analysis
  7. Lesson progress tracking
  8. Fees and financial data analysis
  9. Quick communication
  10. Staff records tracking
Key Features for Teachers and Staff
  1. Access to vital Information thru Mobile App
  2. Ease of Communication for the respective domain
  3. Domain-specific module access
  4. Provision for data analysis and reports
  5. Attendance and leave management
  6. Access to concerned students details
  7. Classroom activity records
  8. Lesson progress management
  9. Student performance tracking
  10. Learning resource sharing
  11. Remote teaching
Key features for Students and Parents
  1. Important communication access
  2. Attendance records
  3. Exam schedules and performance records
  4. Homework and classwork access
  5. Access to lesson plan progress
  6. Online Test options
  7. Learning resource access
  8. Record of fees Payemnt and payment thru online
  9. Live class option
  10. Remote parent meetings
Reports & Analysis
  1. 100+ Customized academic reports
  2. Exam & Attendance reports
  3. User data reports
  4. Fees reports
  5. Inquiry reports
  6. Staff & HR reports
  7. Daily summary reports
  8. Library/book reports

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