Biometric Canteen Management Software, suitable for use at the Canteen of any Cadet College, wherein the in-house Cadets usually pay for their snacks in advance, and their daily (food) consumptions are credited to their individual accounts protected by Biometrics Finger Print Security System.

The unique features of our Biometric Canteen Management Software are summarized below:

  1. Provision for Student Registration with individual Photo and Fingerprint & Password system.
  2. Simple and User-friendly interface for Product Sales (Food, Drink, Stationeries, so on) integrating Barcode Reader.
  3. Archiving valuable records of Sales including individual consumption records
  4. Balance Check with instant Recharge option, having provision for Individual or Collective credit recharges, including many customized reports.

Thus, Food dispensing could be much easier & hassle-free with our cost-effective Biometrics Canteen Management System ensuring Speed, Accountability & Transparency which are integral part of a cadet’s daily life.

Please CLICK the link below to see a live demo of our modern Biometrics Canteen Management Software which is currently being used by Mirzapur Cadet College.