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Our Background

In keeping with its name, Star Soft Ltd. endeavors to synthesize research and innovations into meaningful software and system solutions for our valued clients both at home and abroad. As a House of Quality Software Development, Star Soft Ltd. is committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients in keeping with the international trends and standards.

Star Soft Ltd., while it believes in simplicity and data security, incorporates industry expertise for true software and information system innovation and has the potential to transform dreams into reality through use of state of the art technology and development languages.

21st century came up with a new paradigm of information technology where objects are embedded as the living and the most exciting part of the world wide web, and Star Soft Ltd. intends to bring the integration of object oriented programming (OOP) concept with the world wide web in the limelight by providing unique software and systems development service along with training and mentoring programs of global IT standards.

Star Soft Ltd. believes in quality as the first principal both in software and information systems development and in training and mentoring and involved a group of well known and prominent academics and industry experts both at home and abroad from diverse field of engineering and technology.

The center has established the following goals to fulfill its mission:

  •   Meet the need for customized software of the local market
  •   Build up the software development expertise as per the need of the local and international markets
  •   Build software projects based on customer needs
  •   Accelerate software product/services development by strengthening R&D team
  •   Extend links with national and international key technology center
  •   Seek new market segments/applications for software products/services

Our Vision

To be a global provider of high-end ERP & Business solution that differentiates enterprises in business transformation.

And Mission

To be the leading provider of above mentioned solutions, system integration and services which will allow customers in private and government sector to offer efficient services within their organization.